Introducing ChatGPT Shared Links: A Convenient Way to Share Conversations

Fri Jun 2, 2023

Are you tired of taking screenshots and going through the hassle of sharing them to showcase your interesting and insightful ChatGPT conversations? We have great news for you! Introducing ChatGPT Shared Links, a brand new feature designed to simplify the sharing process and enhance collaboration.

What are shared links?
Shared links enable you to generate a unique URL for any ChatGPT conversation, allowing you to easily share it with friends, colleagues, or collaborators. Gone are the days of cumbersome screenshots – with shared links, you can effortlessly let others see and continue those captivating exchanges with ChatGPT.

How does it work?
Creating a shared link is straightforward. Simply hover over a chat and click on the shared link icon. A conversation snapshot preview will appear, giving you the option to share it with your name or anonymously. Choose the option that suits you best, and once you're ready, click the green button to copy the link and share it with others.

Privacy and accessibility
Shared links are accessible to anyone who has the link. While they are not public by default, it's important to exercise caution when sharing sensitive content, as anyone with the link can access the conversation or pass it along to others. If you wish to revoke access, you can delete the link or clear the conversation. Note that deleting a shared link does not remove the conversation from someone else's chat history if they imported it.

Versatile use cases
Shared links offer various use cases to explore the full potential of ChatGPT:
  • Sharing specific conversations or messages: Easily highlight notable examples, important discussions, or key messages by sharing a specific ChatGPT conversation.
  • Collaborating with external partners: Share content with collaborators outside your organization, such as contractors or clients, who need to review specific messages or conversations.
  • Creating reference points for future discussions: Capture a reference point for future conversations, enabling easy referencing and retrieval of past discussions.

The power of snapshots
Think of shared links as snapshots of conversations. Once a shared link is created, it captures the state of the conversation at that specific moment. Any subsequent messages added to the conversation will not be visible through the shared link.

Managing your shared links
In the settings area of the website, you can access and manage your shared links. Here, you have the flexibility to delete individual shared links or remove them all at once. The choice is yours.

Safety and reporting
While we take measures to ensure the authenticity and safety of shared links, it's always important to exercise caution when clicking on links. Shared links from ChatGPT have URLs starting with "". If you come across any harmful or illegal content in a shared link, you can report it by clicking "Report Content" below the conversation. Your input is valuable in maintaining a secure environment for all users.

ChatGPT Shared Links revolutionize the way you share and collaborate on ChatGPT conversations. With their ease of use and versatile applications, you can effortlessly showcase interesting discussions, collaborate with external partners, and create reference points for future conversations. Embrace the power of shared links and unlock new possibilities with ChatGPT!

Please note that this feature is gradually rolling out, so keep an eye out for its availability on the website. For more detailed instructions and FAQs, visit OpenAI Help Center.

Happy sharing and collaborating with ChatGPT Shared Links!

Saran Kumar U
Chartered Accountant, Consultant, Researcher, Blogger, Trainer.

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